What I Bought & Restocked From the Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event

Hi ladies! After popular requests for a post on the Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event, here it is! And I spent all night teaching myself how to make these collages so I hope you like! Ha! Anyway this event is the time to stock up on beauty favorites that never go on sale and things you need to replace and at a great discount. If you aren’t already a Beauty Insider it’s a great way top receive rewards and points back on your purchases with perks throughout the year like this Spring Event! Sign up here!

Here’s the details:

  • Rouge Members get 20% off purchases in store and online. Use code HEYROUGE 

  • VIB Members get 15% off purchase in store and online. Use code HEYVIB 

  • Insiders get 10% off. Use code HEYINSIDER  

  • Ends Monday May 6th!

I tried to be as detailed as possible with how i use each product or why I am trying it. I really narrowed it down to the ones that I truly love and am restocking or products I’ve read great reviews on and have been dying to try!

Beauty Favorites from the Sephora VIB Event

From Left to Right starting on top


  1. Tom Ford Cream Powder Eyeshadow: LOVE! I use this a base and the shimmer powder in the middle of the eye for a pop! It’s perfect for summer for easy daytime makeup and doesn’t crease! I take this for sure on summer travel! And this copper color is SO good for green, blue eyes and for a smokey vive for my brown eyed girls!

  2. Laura Mercier Rose Gold Caviar Stick: I use this on the inside of my eyes for a little bright pop and i will dab on my cupids bow for a perfect pout!

  3. Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow: This is what i use for contouring and to highlight my cheek bones. The luminance isn’t glittery so looks really pretty and natural. Both powders are such a nice glowy consistency.

  4. Nars Orgasm Palette: I just bought this because I was at Erica’s place and tried and LOVED! So pretty and you can use on eyes, lips and cheeks!

  5. Sephora Brush Set: I was majorly time for me to invest in new brushes! I wanted somthing that included a case so I could quickly pack them up for travel. I bought this rose gold version and this on too and when they arrive I’ll decide which I’ll keep.

  6. Glass and Metal Organizer: OK this isn’t from Sephora but I love it and you need something pretty to keep all you new goodies right!

  7. L’Acome Monsiour Big Mascara: Ok ladies this is not the mascara for the natural girl! BIG BOLD LASHES! I love it, but I like a really bold lash and I also use this drugstore primer and I’ve found nothing better!

  8. Urban Decay Lip Mousse: I love a bitten lip that’s a little undone, think teenage lips! ;) This gives just that, it’s matte so I’ll use on it’s own or if I want a softer look I’ll top with a balm. But the color is the perfect berry that makes my skin pop! A little goes a long way!

  9. Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon Pencil: This is my favorite lazy girl makeup trick! I smudge it half way up my lid and along my nbottom lash line then take a brush and blend. It’s the perfect amount of color for daytime and for night I’ll layer shadow on top of that! I use color Amber Haze for my green eyes!

  10. Tom Ford Lipstick: I love anything TOM FORD, the packaging is so luxe and the quality is gorgeous. There’s nothing I hate more then a lipstick having that weird toxic taste or it drying my lips. These are not cheap but the best! I wear Indian Rose for a perfect cooler pink and Bare Peach for warmer days.

  11. Urban Decay Born To Run Palette: This palette is gorgeous and super versatile! I use some of the darker as liners too! Really Urban has some of the best quality shadows at great pricing. I usually pick up 1 or 2 of their seasonal palettes and it lasts me the entire year!

  12. Beauty Blenders: I recently watched some you tube videos from Kim Kardashians makeup artist and one of the tips he gave was to use a different Beauty Blender fro each foundation, concealer and your cream contours! OOPS! I have been using the same one for everything and it could explain why sometimes thing look a little muddy!

Sephora Skincare Favorite Products


  1. Gau Sha Rose Quartz Tool: I’ve been dying to try these and I’ve been dealing with some water retention so this is supposed to really sculpt and lift the face!

  2. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Masque: This is my secret to extra glow! I use this the night of big events or photoshoots to make my skin look luminous and youthful.

  3. Lancer Method Polish: I love this polish and especially use it the day before self tanning. I really concentrate it in the areas like the nose for those stubborn pores and my chin! And then go gentle on the rest of my face.

  4. Skinfix Hand Repair Cream: You girls have heard me rave a bout this hand cream and I literally can’t live without it! I have a tube everywhere in my house!

  5. Drunken Elephant Kit: I have heard so many things about this brand that I wanted to try it fully so I bought this little kit and I’m on day 3 and loving! I especially love the gek cleanser and the peel.

  6. St. Tropez Face Mist: OK you know I am a die hard self tanner! I love Tan Luxe for my face because it’s so easy and efficient. I just mix 2 drop into my moisturizer every pother night and I wake up with a subtle glow! On the body I use St Tropez dark especially when I want a really deep tan! On occasion I will do my fave too but it’s for REAL dark days! I apply and let it sit for 2-3hrs and then jump in the shower and rinse off, I use a grey towel just for these days. NO SOAP! Tanning Tip: I make sure to exfoliate and shave the day/night before. I also love European Wax Glow Lotion (sorry can’t link) for beach days when i also want the pretty blur effect that helps camouflage the dimples! ;) It’s perfect when I want to show off my shoulders or legs with that glow too. OK now where does St. Tropez Mist come in you ask?! One problem I always struggled with is my hands and my feet! They fade so fast from hand washing and wearing shoes and it drives me crazy! In pics my feet and hands looked like i was wearing gloves! This product was my fix, it’s supposed to be for face but I didn’t love it that way; what I do is spritz my hands and feet every other morning and this keeps my tan even on my entire body! No more looking like I wore socks and gloves to the beach! HA! :) . Spray let dry and go on upon your day because it’s clear and smells great!

  7. TOM FORD Candle: Ok i’m sorry but to know me is to love me and this candle just speaks to me! AND smells amazing! Not cheap but I had to have it! ;)

  8. Peace our Dark Spots: If you follow my stories on Instagram you know I’ve been breaking out lately and it’s been really bringing down my mojo! I think I’m past the breakout but it’s left me with all these dark spots that I have to conceal, annoying! I saw these and thought why not, they’re supposed to brighten the spots and helps them heal faster! Heck yes! I also bought these for future break outs and figure it will help me NOT pick!

Sephora Spring Beauty Event must haves


  1. Four Sigmatic Sampler: If you haven’t gotten on the mushroom bandwagon this is a great way to start! I love these elixirs and coffees. I like to have two coffees per day but the calories, sugar and benefits aren’t great so this was a great option! It gives me the jump I need for that afternoon slump but it had health benefits, gentler on the stomach and doesn’t give me the jitters. I also LOVE the sleep time one, I’m not waking up or having that restless sleep like I used to!

  2. Face Razors: Yes ladies I shave my face! I’ve been doing so for years and love these little razors. My makeup goes on like a dream and you can read more about how and the rest of my skin routine here too.

  3. Tweezeman Mini Nail Rescue Kit: I have the old version of this and I keep it in my desk drawer and i swear it is the most satisfying this i can do for my nails! I seriously use it every day to push my my cuticles, trim dry skin (gross but LOVE).

  4. T3 Twirl: This is such a good deal and with the additional Sephora discount it’s the perfect timing if you’ve been wanting one. I use mine daily to do my loose, messy waves.

  5. Vital Proteins: I add a scoop of this to my coffee everyday! Keeps nails and hair strong and collagen production in the skin. I can use all the help i can get! ;)

  6. Dry Bar The Kicker: I use this on my ends to give me that bedroom piecey hair! I’d say it’s for med to think hair if your hair is fine just use on your ends and a little goes a long way.

  7. Dyson Hair Dryer: I don’t have one of these yet but I think I need to invest because everyone RAVES! It’s supposed to cut your dry time in half an no damage! This deal is a steal because you get the accessories for free!

  8. The Ouai Leave In: Since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos the medications I have to take have wrecked my hair! I got this because it doesn’t weigh down my hair but still protects and leaves it soft!

Tulum Outfit and Trip Recap

Hi Guys!  The last few months have been a whirlwind!  From a trip to Tulum in early February then straight to New York for fashion week, I am just now catching my breath! 

I promised you an outfit  and trip recap from Tulum which we absolutely loved and are already planning another visit to!  So here it is, better late then never!  We hadn't taken a family trip in almost 2 years so this was way overdue and totally worth the wait.  

We split our time between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum since we had 9 days.  I got a lot of questions about where we stayed so here's a little insight in case you are planning a trip to the area....

 In Playa Del Carmen we stayed at the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen.  It's big hotel with all the bells and whistles.  It was perfect to start our trip because I had some work on the front end to take care of and this property had so many activities to keep the kiddos entertained including a kids camp that you could drop them off at for the day!!  They also had so many great food options that we never had to leave the property.  The beach and pools are stunning too! 

 In Tulum we stayed at a new property called Kai Hotel.  These are your own little bungalows that are so charming!  You are steps from the beach and your own outdoor shower and dining area.  The cutest porch swing and just tropical charm for days!  They have two restaurants and the one on the beach was amazing with awesome vegetarian options, by far a favorite!  The caveat is that you are far off from the main downtown area of Tulum so you have to take a taxi or ride a bike into town. Bikes would be so fun but tough for us with kids.   And you'll def want to go into town because that's where all the action is!  It worked out for us because we really wanted to disconnect and only went into town on 2 of the 5 days we where there.  It is also a brand new property so they are still working out some kinks. 

For our next trip I have Nomade Tulum, Casa Malca and Coco Tulum on my list of must stays!  We visited all the properties for shoots and for drinks or dinner and they are all epic gorgeous!

Now to the outfits!  Scroll trough to see all my looks from the trip including all the shopping links!  I also got sooo many questions about my beauty routine that I thought I'd include those too including my absolute favorite self tanner!  

XO, Lucy


Tulum Beach Style Hunza G One Piece Swimsuit.jpg

Sincerely Jules Cami similar here

MLM Ruffles Shorts similar here

Janessa Leone Hat

Sam Edelman Sequins Espadrilles

Staud Macrame Bucket Bag


Sincerely Jules Dress, love this one!

Janessa Leone Hat


VICI Sweater here and get 20% off with code LUCYSWHIMS

YSL Slides


VICI Dress here use code LUCYSWHIMS for 20% off

All Jewelry from Parpala Jewelry, get 20% off with Code Favoritewhims20



I wanted to share my hot weather vacation beauty routine because it's quite different from my daily and I discovered some awesome products that I LOVE!

I love this self tanner for my body and have been using it for years now, 2 times a week!  And this is the self tanner that I use on just my face.  I just mix in a few drops into my moisturizer until I achieve the color I like and then alternate days on/off.  Love it and so convenient!

I am obsessed with this glow primer!  Gives a subtle glow and blurs fine lines and flaws.  I am especially loving it back in San Diego because my skin has been so dry!  Helps with that youthful glow and smoothing out texture!

I use this MAC Face and Body Foundation while on vacation and on days when I don't take pics back home.  Super Light, buildable and perfect to just give you a dewy finish.  I use C3 in  the winter and C5 in summer or when I've self tanned. 

You guys know I love this cream blush, I rave about it ALL the time!  I know it's expensive but it's totally worth it and it will last you years!

For lips I used this lip cheek pot, perfect amount of color and SPF 40!  

I like to use this mascara.  I don't like to use waterproof mascara because i feel like it rips off my lashes when i remove it no matter how gentle a cleanser so I like to use this one.  It coat your lashes with little tubes an just glides right off with cleanser and doesn't smudge when  humid climates or in out of the pool! 

Last but my FAVORITE new find is this SPF setting mist!  I hate reapplying sunblock because it messes up my makeup so this stuff is genius!  You just give yourself a spritz and it sets your makeup and then throughout the day reapply to reset and give your self the needed sun protection! OBSESSED!  Trying to stay young over here!