Our Master Bathroom Design Plans!

We have been working on this bathroom for quite some time to be honest! We had some starts and stops so this has taken way longer then it should have, but we are FINALLY almost wrapped up with it! I thought it would be fun to show you some before moments and also share the vision we created with our designer, Kelly Hinchman, from Studio H Design!

First of all let me just give her a proper shout out because initially we where trying to design this bathroom on our own, hence so many start-stops! I quickly realized we are not a good fit for juggling a process like this! It kept getting put on the back burner because life, work, and everything else took priority. Also when it comes to the house, we are the MOST indecisive people ever - we have tons of ideas but struggle to put them together. Thank god for Kelly coming to the rescue! Full disclosure, Kelly also happens to be a really good friend! AND she also has the most killer intuitive aesthetic so I was so thankful for her talents!

Below are the two designs she presented to us and scroll down to see what we chose and why! Also I linked a lot of the accessories we ended up picking up so you’re getting the first glimpse of what’s to come!

XO, Lucy

Lucy Inspo.jpg

Option 1

Bath Inspo

Modern Minimal

Bathroom Inspo Elec Mirror.jpg

Option 1

I’ve always been drawn to modern, minimalist bathrooms because they feel spacious, bright and no clutter. To be candid, I prefer more of a masculine aesthetic so when Kelly presented me with these two images I was really impressed with how she really got us and what we wanted in our space.

The first option she presented us and what we ended up going with was all about this huge accent wall moment and the light up mirrors that I HAD to have! A couple years back I’d stayed at a hotel that had these mirrors and they legit made me feel 10 years younger so they where a must no matter what!

Option 2

Bath Inspo


Option 2

The other style I really love is more of a traditional design with an edgy, glam touch. I’ve always been obsessed with black cabinets with gold hardware - it just feels eternally timeless and luxe. The pop of marble ties the whole thing together. As you can see though, the two designs are quite different. My biggest battle was figuring out how to combine them or sticking to just one without falling back on the other. I’m so lucky that Kelly Hinchman and Studio H Design was able to narrow it down to these two aesthetics. Prior to this, I was all over the place on Pinterest and Instagram and the range of styles was so broad.

In the end I ended up gong with Option 1. Our closet opens up to our bathroom and I really wanted a cohesive flow between the two spaces so we opted to carry through that cabinet color into the bathroom and you know I had to have those mirrors!

Stay tuned for the full reveal and in the meantime, shop my bathroom decor favorites below (links listed from left to right starting at the top)!