Grateful Heart

When I moved to San Diego almost 9 years ago I couldn't have imagined what the future held for me.  In truth at that time my life was a bit broken.  I'd left Seattle, family and career behind to chase a dream only to discover I had the wrong dream!  I was broke, friendless with no direction.  I ended up in San Diego literally by accident (yes, as in "car" accident!) more on that another time.  
Fast forward to today and life has beautifully fallen into sweet place.  During those lonely times I used to scrap board and create mood boards, it was my way of manifesting to the universe the desires of my heart.  Images of a companion that was my rock, my best friend,  my love.  Children to devote myself to.  A home to call my own and to share memories in.  Stability.  Travel.  Creativity in my life...  
Today I look back with grateful heart because a lot of what I so badly wanted has come to be.  I'm so thankful and honored to be a wife to the kindest of men.  A man who gives selflessly and takes his role as superhero seriosuly.  I'm privileged to be the mother to our two little humans and help usher them into a life of love and giving.  Children that teach me everyday how to be less selfish.  Soon we will have the home we dreamt and worked so hard for.  I am thankful for our health that I don't for a second take for granted.  Today I have stability, I'm not that 28year old searching for myself, I found me and I found my place in this world.  It is with this family we have built. 

Life is not without struggles and there will always be difficult days but at the forefront what is most important is the love you have and share.  This Thanksgiving I wish you all love.  That we may all appreciate all the love around us and not take it for granted. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Love and gratitude,


Thank you Brianna Olsen for the beautiful images.